BRAT - (noun)

Brat- (noun)

1.A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one.

2.A child of a career military person.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I guess we can't put this off any longer!

Lizzy moves into her dorm 3 weeks from today! Yikes! We've done a lot of talking about what she needs, some planning, but virtually no shopping. So far I think they only thing she has bought for school is a large storage container for under the bed. And, we have a trip to Cape Cod planned for the middle of the next 3 weeks. So, today is the day - we must take action and start shopping!

Anyone who knows me probably knows I am not a "shop-'till-you-drop" kind of gal. Actually, I'm more of a "get-in/get-out" kind of shopper. Combine that with a passive/aggressive sort of denial that my daughter is really going to be leaving the nest soon, and well, you have a minimal amount of action happening on my part. But it can no longer be put off. There are comforters, shower caddies and school supplies waiting to be purchased. Today we must get motivated! Bed, Bath & Beyond - here we come!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I remember growing up, there was nothing in life more fun than hanging out with my cousins. My kids have lots of extended family, but they only have 2 first cousins. Walker and Abbey live about 2 miles from my parents house, so when we go to visit Na-Na and Granddaddy, we get a lot of cousin time! I often wish we were closer to all our family. The kids plan as many fun things into the short visits as possible. This summer was very warm, so pool time at Na-Na and Granddaddy's was the favorite activity.

Walker & Josh are only 8 months apart, so they have so much fun playing together. They are like 2 peas in a pod - same interests, all boy! This summer Abbey & Michelle had a lot of fun, even though they are almost 3 years apart. Abbey played dress up one afternoon with Michelle and they were in "girl heaven".

We miss you cousins!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is a very familiar scene in the Cole family. My kids travel a lot! With Grandparents all up and down the east coast, they know when I say, "Load up!" That means, grab your pillow and your DVD player. They really are great travelers. (Michelle is working on it. She did have a couple of meltdowns last trip.) Tomorrow we head down to SC to see my family. Daddy will fly down later in the week for some family time and to celebrate our 21st Anniversary.


After weeks of convincing Dad is would be o.k., Josh was finally allowed to get a mohawk.

> We decided to get Michelle's hair cut after our adoption reunion. I love her long hair, but between the pool, popcicles and all the other hazards of summer, we decided short hair was a better option. Denny is my hair dresser. He always does a super job!

Michelle likes her short hair!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Brats

It's good to be first. We are taught all our lives to strive to be number one. However, in this case, we are glad that our children fit under category number 2. By that, I mean the definitions listed at the top of our blog. I must admit, on occasion, they do fall into category number 1. They can be ill-mannered and not as well behaved as I would like. But for the most part, they are great kids! I love being their mom. And that is the purpose of this new blog - to share with you our lives, the lives of all my kids. Not just the cute 3 year old adopted from China, but the funny 9 year old who loves baseball and is currently sporting a mohawk haircut, the talented and hard working 16 year old who is finally taller than his Dad, and the beautiful 18 year old who is so ready for her independence at college. This blog is designed to share pictures, share stories, and occasionally to share my thoughts as a slightly crazy, often tired mom who loves my husband and kids with every part of my heart.

My kids love to be called Brats. They wear that title with honor. They know that to be a brat means they have a Dad who is a man of character, who serves his country with excellence. They know that being a brat means sometimes we have to say goodbye to friends we love, but there is usually another great adventure just around the corner. Their lives aren't always easy, but their lives are usually fun and always interesting. We are glad to have you follow along as we journey through life... serving our country, serving our Lord, and loving one another.