BRAT - (noun)

Brat- (noun)

1.A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one.

2.A child of a career military person.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Couple of Creampuffs

Last week Josh checked out a kids cookbook from the school library. He and his good friend, Daniel, spent a lot of time at school pouring over the yummy recipes. Daniel came home with Josh after school and they decided to make cream puffs. The conversation on the ride home from school was priceless. We carpool with a couple of other neighborhood kids, and one of the other boys asked why they were going home together to cook. Josh replied, " I really like to cook." Daniel replied, "I really like to eat!" Aren't boys wonderful?!
I will admit, it was a little difficult to step back and let the boys do it themselves. The mom in me wants to jump in and "do it right". But, except for an occasional stir or a demonstration of how to do something, I only supervised and took pictures.

I was afraid cream puffs would not be a good choice because I didn't think they would turn out well. Surprisingly, they turned out light and fluffy, just like the pictures. They tasted good too.

Here is a picture of Daniel demonstrating his superior eating abilities. Believe me, these boys are anything but cream puffs. They are all boy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being a chick

This morning we were doing a little before-school shopping. The weather is turning cooler here in Northern Virginia, and while I have enough fall clothes for Michelle, I realized her summer shoes probably aren't going to work much longer. So, as we were cruising through Target, my sweet little 4 year old looks at me and says,"Mommy, I'm a chick." I was kind of surprised to hear this innocent child refer to herself in such terms, so I asked her what she said, and again she said she was a chick.

I asked her who told her she was a chick, thinking she was learning such terminology at preschool, or perhaps from her older brother. She said someone at school, and I am thinking of the discussion I am going to have with her teacher at drop off time.

Then, she looks in the basket I am pushing around the store, and she says,"I'm a chick. And in here is my nest."

I need to remember when I am with the 4 year old, think like a 4 year old.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back in the Groove

I love summer. I really do - I love the pool, the late night playing outside, the relaxed schedule, and mostly the family time. However, even I get to the point where I need some structure and a schedule, and I admit I was glad to see school begin again this year.

Everyone seems to be doing well. Michelle loves her preschool and seeing Joanne again for speech therapy. Joanne was pleased that even though we did not do formal speech therapy over the summer, Michelle still seems to have made progress. There was a point just a few weeks before school started, when Michelle was talking so much during a car ride, I thought, "I can't believe we ever worried about this child talking." She is a girl! She has a LOT to say!

Josh has a very nice teacher. I think 4th grade is going to be a good year. He is starting cello soon, and he is excited about that. Bill Jr. is taking a tough course load. He has 3 AP classes - gearing up for college. He is teaching 7 guitar students, and involved in a couple of after school clubs. Busy kids!

Elizabeth seems to be thriving at college. I miss her so much, but I am happy to hear the joy in her voice each time we talk. I "met" a couple of her friends on skype the other night. They were outside in front of her dorm. I love skype - makes her seem just a little closer. Michelle on the other hand is a little unsure about skype - I think it confuses her.

I have a couple of pictures of Michelle the first week of school - they aren't very good, but I will share what we have. Blogging, pictures, etc. have all taken a back seat to other activities.

Michelle at meet-the-teacher day. Her placemat had the most stars. She is my "bling" girl.

First day of school. Clifford always greets the kids outside the door.

Michelle and Joanne. We LOVE Joanne. I believe she is a gift from God to our family!
I started back teaching this week as well. I have 14 piano students and 5 voice students. So far, so good. Every year I worry if teaching will be too hard for my kids, but I continue to be amazed how easily this works for my family. I love teaching, and it's nice to have a little extra income for our family. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to make money doing something I love to do.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Michelle has had so much fun swimming this year, we decided to have her birthday party at our community pool. It turned out to be a lot of fun and easy for Mom. I love those kind of parties! I ordered this pool cupcake-cake from our local grocery store. The kids loved it.
We invited 3 of Michelle's best friends - and they all happen to be boys. Luke, Tyler and Patrick came, along with their older siblings. We swam, ate pizza & cake, opened presents and had a fun time.

Michelle had a little trouble with the last candle, so Mommy had to help. It looks like Luke was standing in the wings to help if we hadn't been able to get the job done.
Is there anything cuter than a princess swimming in her tiera?

Michelle got some fun toys. She has had a lot of fun the last couple of days playing with all her new stuff.

One of her favorite gifts was the Princess Presto outfit from her favorite t.v. show, Super Why. Just so you know Sara and Patrick, she has not taken this off for the past 2 days. I have to go in at night and remove the cape & crown after she falls asleep.
Happy Birthday Michelle! Being 4 is so much fun!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guess who turns 4 today?!!

Later today there will be a party, and so I will post those pictures later in the week. But for now, I wanted to wish my baby a Happy 4th Birthday.

It's amazing when I think how far she has come in a year! Last year, she didn't really understand what a birthday was all about. She had fun, but it was still very new and a little overwhelming to her. This year, she really has this birthday thing down! She has been counting down the days for over a week, and she knows today there will be friends, and cake, and presents, and it is all about her!

In the last year, her language has progressed at a rate even I didn't predict. Last year our family understood most of what she said, but we did a lot of interpreting for those who didn't know her. Today, everyone understands everything she says. She talks to strangers in the grocery store, and they understand her. She says her ABC's and knows the sounds many of the letters make. She counts to 12 consistently - she can count higher, but often those higher numbers are in random order. She plays on the computer and Mommy's Ipod. She has several friends and loves to be outside. She understands when I leave her, at school or at church or wherever, that I will return for her in a little while. She really knows her grandparents, and she is crazy about her cousins. She finally mastered going potty! She sings, dances, loves - she is such a sweet little girl.

I always think about the woman who gave birth to her, especially on this special day. I pray she knows this precious girl is healthy, happy and loved more than words can say. I am thankful she choose to give her life, and I am thankful to God everyday that He choose to let Michelle be my daughter! Happy Birthday sweet girl!