BRAT - (noun)

Brat- (noun)

1.A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one.

2.A child of a career military person.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Family/Gotcha Day Michelle!

2 years ago today we first met our precious daughter Michelle, and completed our family. Sometimes it seems like yesterday - sometimes it seems like forever ago!
I will never forget those first few minutes in that dark hallway of the municiple building. Such a strange, wonderful way to get a child! She had on about 10 layers of clothes, had a diaper wedged in her split pants (which later caused all kinds of fun back in our hotel room!), had dried blood in her hair which was never really explained, had dry little cheeks from lack of nutrition, and she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

These are the 11 other wonderful families we traveled with on our great adventure. Happy Gotcha Day to all of them as well, especially the Altermatt's, McClintocks, Mongolds, Swansons and Smiths. They are such a part of our story, and I am glad we have been able to stay in touch. I hope to see your children grow through the years.

This is what I remember most about our trip - just walking up and down the hallway in our hotel.

Tonight we plan to celebrate with Chinese food from our favorite restaurant, cake and balloons. And of course, we will sing "Michelle" from the Beatles in honor of our Michelle. I will try to post pictures of our celebration later tonight, so you can see how much a child can change with some good food, and a lot of love.


  1. Happy, Happy Family Day! Who knew that time would actually march on? That we would one day be sitting here (after ALL the waiting, ALL the red tape and that TRIP!?!?!) - two years later with these amazing kids who we couldn't love more?? WE are the blessed ones! WE are the Ones that GOD chose to travel to get these kids! And why wouldn't we?? How much richer our lives have become because because of these brown eyed kids from across the ocean.

    Can't even believe it. He is good indeed.

    Can't wait for an update on your festivities ;)

  2. Happy Family Day! Michelle has changed so much in two years. Can't wait to see photos from your celebration this evening. There is much to celebrate!

  3. Truly, I read this with tears in my eyes. God is so good, unbelievably good!

  4. HaPPY Gotcha Day sweet MIchelle....and to your whole family! You are all such a blessing in this each other and to everyone you meet! I am so grateful to have been on this journey with you! Love to you all and a huge kiss for Michelle!! Sweet baby are forever ours!

  5. Oh those pics bring back memories! We never got any pics of the hotel lobby. Happy Gotcha day to all of you. Michelle is just glowing!