BRAT - (noun)

Brat- (noun)

1.A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one.

2.A child of a career military person.

Thursday, February 10, 2011 Kickin’ & Screamin’

My brother Benji recently started a new blog. He just joined a new church, started a men's Bible study, and he started this blog to just share with his friends what God is doing in his life. His latest entry is about Michelle. Thought some of my readers might enjoy visiting his blog to read it. Kickin’ & Screamin’: " Michelle and Midge Cole  I often think about my niece Michelle and smile. She is a trip! She has an incredible personality..."

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  1. LOVED IT!! Honestly, I can't say enough that adoption has taught me more about Christ than anything else in my life!