BRAT - (noun)

Brat- (noun)

1.A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one.

2.A child of a career military person.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Last year Bill and I traveled almost every weekend from the end of January through the first of March to take Elizabeth to audition at all her college choices. And I realized something during that time - it's really, really nice to get away from the house in the dull, dreary days of winter. I usually think of vacation time in the warm summer months, but I decided this year we were going to take a winter mini-vacation.

We found the perfect place - Great Wolf Lodge. We went to the one in Williamsburg, just a couple of hours drive from our house. On their advertisements they say, "Where a kid can be a kid." They aren't "kidding" - my kids had a great time!

Bill Jr. went along, but somehow he didn't end up in too many of the pictures. Not sure why, although he did spend a fair amount of time in the hotel room working on history homework. We also did a couple of college visits while we were in that part of Virginia, so somehow he just didn't make it into many of the pictures. But he did like the 2 schools we visited, William & Mary and Christopher Newport University.

We stayed in one of the Wolf Den rooms. It had a queen size bed, pull out sofa, fridge and microwave, and the best part - the little kids had their own "suite". It was a set of bunk beds and t.v. in their own space. They loved it!

We took breakfast and lunch food to eat in the room. I saw a LOT of smiles the whole trip from these two - priceless!

One of the very cool parts of the weekend was an interactive "video-style" game called MagiQuest. Josh purchased the magic wand, and then went throughout the hotel opening treasure chests, gathering clues and eventually slaying a dragon. I don't think a 9 year old boy could have much more fun than this one did!

Michelle spent some time hanging out in the Cub Club. It was a place for programs, crafts and fun. She made this cute pillow case to take home for a souvenier.

Close to our room was a sweet treat area. Michelle had to sit on this bears lap every time we went by. (Mommy was very happy this little shop included Starbucks coffee.)

We got our money's worth at the indoor water park. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Come back tomorrow to see the BEST part of our weekend...


  1. Ok...I am so darn sold!!! We are goin!!!! SOON!!!! I want to sit on the bears lap!?!?! :) ha ha ha ha

  2. Midge - we've been driving by it, to VA Beach, for years and still haven't gone!

  3. i hear ya-- i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo done with winter... where's hawai'i when i need it??

  4. Too bad my kids grew up:(
    It looks so fun!

  5. Okay - the BEST part?!?!?!?! Now, Im hooked!! Might not be able to sleep tonight :-)

    We went last summer on our way home from our travel reunion - it was AMAZING!!!!! BEST part - we went in the summer in the middle of the week and got a rockin military discount :) We vowed to return - whatever the vost was, it was worth it!

    Do you agree this is where we have our next travel group reunion?

    MASON, OHIO. It's halfway for all of us!! Except those lucky Altermatts.

    Okay - let's plan, summer 2012. I am SO in.

    And...we might just have a new little sister :)